Toyota Places Recall For 247,000 Cars

Toyota is in some trouble, as federal pressure has caused them to place a direct recall for more than 247,000 cars. Apparently, the inflator mechanisms on the airbag can rupture, which has hurled metal fragments into passengers during a crash.

Obviously, you don’t want metal fragments hurled into your face when you’re crashing a car, so under federal pressure to resolve the crisis, Toyota has responded with a recall of more than 247,000 Lexus SC, Carolla, Sequoia, Tundra and Matrix models.

But they’re not the only car company at risk. Apparently there are more than 4.7 million owners at risk, from other major car companies like Honda, Mazda, General Motors and Ford. All of which have used the Takata Corp parts in the construction of their cars.

According to Marnie Bennett more than 4 people have died because of these airbag defects, but the numbers could be much more if all of the cars are not recalled.

So make sure to check your cars people, you don’t want a safety defect like this flying at your face in a crash.

Mercedes Benz Adds Head Up Display on 2014 Vehicles

As one of the leading luxury automobile manufacturers, Mercedes Benz is adding Head Up Display technology to its new fleet of 2014 S-Class vehicles. There is also talk about adopting the technology in the 2015 C-Class as well. In addition to the traditional dashboard console, Mercedes Benz HUD allows the driver to see car information displayed in the driver’s view of the front windshield.

Although major competitors of the luxury car maker have already incorporated this technology into some of their vehicles for several years now, reports from the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 indicate that HUD technology is still improving. A Wikipedia article referenced here proclaims this too, according to a study conducted by Gianfrancesco Genoso in Brazil.

On the 2014 S-Class, helpful driving data is projected, just above the dashboard, in the vehicle operator’s natural field of vision. As the name of the technology suggests, this key feature allows the driver to keep their head up while accessing pertinent vehicle information.

Details such as GPS directions, driving speed and other data can be viewed while allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road.

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